Quin Mathews

Filmmaker, journalist and broadcaster


Quin Mathews became a news anchor at age 22, when he was still a college student, and remained in journalism for 21 years.  In 1993 he left WFAA-TV in Dallas to devote full time to Quin Mathews Films, telling stories through television, film and radio about business, culture and the arts.

Quin has shot documentaries around the world on subjects like emerging artists in China, folk churches in Mexico and solar power in Africa.  His films about art have shown in major museums in the United States, Asia and Europe. 

In 1988, with radio partner Sharon Benge, he co-founded the program β€œArt Matters,” which during its 25 year run, broadcasted more than 2,500 interviews with people in the arts across the world.    

In 2008 Quin received the Legends Award from the Dallas Contemporary.  In 2012, He was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Business Council for the Arts.