Ten years ago, the headmistress of The Hockaday School said our fundraising video did more than anything else to help the school pass its campaign goal of more than $50 million, a national record.  This film for Hockaday's new capital campaign is about transcending tradition and breaking new ground in education. 

The Hockaday School: 2013 Campaign 

Before Klyde Warren Park was built, there was just a sunken freeway cutting through downtown Dallas.  We took the dreams of people to make it a vital center of the city, and showed how it could become reality.  This film raised money to finish the park.  

Klyde Warren Park

Supporters of Parkland Hospital make emotional pleas for private support to enhance the new facility built with public funds. 


Parkland Hospital

Carlyn Ray uses her art of glass blowing to make art and also touch young lives.  She raised more than $54,000 through Kickstarter to fund her youth outreach program.  This is the video that showcased her message and demonstrated her commitment and talent.

Carlyn Ray: Glass Artist